Bones, the sea inside of body. – Petrified plants

Maki Ohkojima

2019.3.23  – 4.21 

There is a phenomenon called silicified wood.In the enormous years, the buried trees undergo materialistic are changed by the pressure from the stratum.Gravity forces ground water containing silicic acid into the cellular tissue of the tree.And it becomes silicified wood. Petrification of organic matter – This is another form of transformations.

I think that the bones in our bodies are also the materialistic transformation from the ocean with the passage of time.Minerals that didn’t need to be stored in the sea had to be held in the body as bones in the process creatures change the living place, from the sea to the ground. Metamorphose of sea to bones.Bone is a life support device storing minerals, It is a solid sea in the body.

Through my works, by showing these transitions as transformation, I would like to present that our bodies originate from various minerals on the earth.


膨大な歳月の中で、埋れた樹木が地層からの圧力によって物質変化を遂げる過程です。重力はケイ酸を含んだ地下水を、木の細胞組織の中に入り込ませてゆく。そして珪化木となります。有機物の石化 -これがトランスフォーメーションの一つ 。