Hiro Tanaka

2021.10.1  – 10.24 

In the history of photography, there have been many works in which the flash is used to take pictures.
The famous British photographer Martin Parr, for example, was one of the photographers to use a flash in his work, and there have been many flashmen throughout history, even as far back as the days when monochrome was the norm.What is amazing about Hiro Tanaka is that he was able to do it so naturally, like a baby starting to walk. I think he is a genius.

かの有名なイギリスの写真家Martin Parrをはじめ、モノクロが主流だった時代に歴史を遡っても多くのフラッシュマンと呼称される作家は数多く存在しているのです。そんな中で、田中ヒロの何が凄いかと言うとそれを赤ちゃんが歩き始めるように、ごく自然に当たり前にやってのけたことだと。まさしく奇才と呼べると思っています。