Long Circuit

Tohru Matsushita
2020.04.03-04.26 / 05.07-05.17

Process of making an artwork requires repetitive activities, which include “waiting time”. In a sense, artists spend time that seems to be wasted over and over again and, at the same time, intuitively think like “What should I do next?”, or “How about that?” I imagine that there would be “the imaginative artwork that does not exist” after an artist spend such a time, and the artwork pairs up with the actual work in front of the artist. It would be interesting if I can visualize the work that does not exist.

I coined the title of the exhibition Long Circuit, which pairs up with the words “short circuit”. Two types of work that visualize discharge will be shown at the exhibition, which is part of the meaning of the title.

また、今回のタイトルのLong Circuitとは、漏電(Short Circuit)の対になる造語だ。今回電気の放電を視覚化する作品が2種類ある予定なので、そこにも意味がかかっていたりする。